Welcome to the Spanish School Nicaragua in León

Learn Spanish in a relaxed atmosphere in the colonial city of Leon, in tropical Nicaragua. Visit the most authentic and safest country in Central America.


Why learn Spanish in Nicaragua?


• Nicaragua has a tropical climate and especially the European and North American winter is
  the perfect time to visit the country. It is a very authentic travel destination yet not
  influenced by the mass tourism.


• Nicaragua is also much safer than its northern neighbors up to the U.S. border. Normally,
  you can spend a very relaxing holiday without having fear to be raided and robbed.


• Nicaragua is extremely varied. If you want to see and experience the country outside your 
  language course, you have here a very wide range of destinations that can be reached
  relatively quickly. There is a very good infrastructure of good roads, bus- and even boat- or
  ferry-connections. And all at very reasonable prices. Just have a look at our Photo Gallery.


• The population of Nicaragua is very open and always helps foreigners, even if you speak
  the language (yet) not so good. Also love the "Nicas" (as they call themselves) to
  celebrate, to dance and sing. Pure pleasure.


Why learn Spanish in our school?


• You learn in a private, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
  There is no class room or the like. The lessons take place in our house 
or in your hotel.


• Our teachers are paid fair and will not be exploited, so that they can really live on their

  salaries. Therefore, our teachers are highly motivated to teach you Spanish as effectively as



• We have a complete range of teaching materials, which explain the grammar, vocabulary
  etc. in German and English. This you won't find at other schools in the country. 


• Unlike other "family homestays" you get from us a nice and clean accommodation in a very

  pleasant environment.


• Since we offer also organized motorcycle tours throughout Nicaragua, we can give you a lot
  of travel tips through our knowledge of the country. We can as well book or arrange hotels
  and adventure tours (e.g. volcano tours) for you.


We are the Spanish-language school with the complete program, from the absolute beginner up to the far advanced in Spanish.


We offer individual courses with private teachers who will get you started right at your level of Spanish. Depending on your individual choice you can get the complete package with individual courses, accommodation and additional activities.


It is also possible to book a Spanish course without accommodation as well if you want.


We are located in the university city of León, the "cultural capital" of Nicaragua.

León is a colonial city, built in old spanish colonial style.

The city is located approx. 90 km (55 miles) northeast from the capital Managua and aprox.
20 km (12 miles) from the pacific ocean with its beautiful sandy beaches Poneloya and Las Penitas and is surrounded by many, in parts active, volcanoes.


Here in León we take personal care of you, no anonymous booking without personal contacts in Nicaragua.


We work with local Spanish teachers who have many years of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.


Should you be short in time, we also offer the possibility of a Spanish crash course that will focus on the most important issues to fully appreciate your vacation or stay in Nicaragua; you will learn the most important expressions and sufficient vocabulary to hold a conversation.


We are always there for you, should you have questions or any kind of problems. 


Wellcome to the Spanish School Nicaragua, that is:


Elizabeth Martínez Cortes

Director of the school


Elizabeth was born in Mexico, she studied political science and public management.

She was employed as a sub director in a Federal Ministry in Mexico-City.


Jürgen Dano

Professional competence:
advertising and business organization

mainly responsible for Bike-Nicaragua


Jürgen was born in Germany,

he is a media-designer and has been working the last years as an independent photographer


And of course, our local Spanish-Teachers.


After experiencing many different countries and cultures, we decided to end our journey and picked beautiful Nicaragua to settle down. 

We are happy to inform you about the most attractive sites of Nicaragua and can also advice you about good lodging places; we are convinced you will find Nicaragua to be an attractive travel destination while getting a good grasp of the Spanish language.


The famous newspaper The New York Times

published in january 2013 a list with

"The 46 Places to Go in 2013".

Number 3 - Nicaragua!